Hello, world.

My name is Landon, and welcome to my blog! The date is April 14, 2021, and it is currently 4:14PM CST. With college nearing the horizon, I have decided to create a blog to journal my life and funnel my thoughts into somewhere that I can access them later and that complete strangers can see my thoughts.

Maybe what I post will be relatable. Maybe it will provide assistance on a problem you are facing. More than likely, you will feel no interpersonal connection to any of my posts. But that is okay!

Okay, enough of the background of the origin of this blog. Who am I? Well, as I said, my name is Landon. I am an eighteen-year-old male from Tennessee who enjoys chess, fishing, programming, and cybersecurity (and I guess I will include the required “long walks on the beach.”) I will be attending college to major in computer science with a concentration on cyber security. So that will be fun, right? Right??

Anyways, I think it’s time to wrap up my first post. I really enjoy writing, just not about something I don’t like, so this will be a fun use of the totally extra time that I will have in college /s. Thank you all for reading, and if you have any questions for me, feel free to message me on Discord (Landon#1718) or reach out via email: [email protected].

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